10 eBay DOs and DON'Ts

  1. Always describe the item you are selling with as much detailed information as possible.

  2. Never sell items for other individuals who promise you commissions or claim that eBay is too complicated and never sell your items outside of the eBay marketplace to try to avoid listing fees. People will offer to pay you "on the side" if you remove the listing. Doing this can result in the termination of your eBay account.

  3. Always communicate with other eBay members in a positive and enthusiastic manner even if they are rude. Remember that feedback is the heartbeat of your eBay store.

  4. Never jump into the latest eBay "hot product" trend without completely researching the market and demand for that product.

  5. Always leave accurate and positive feedback for your good customers.

  6. Never leave feedback before the customer has left feedback for you.

  7. Always ship your items in a timely manner and be sure to use a trackable shipping method.

  8. Never ship an item until the payment has cleared.

  9. Always protect your passwords and change them often to protect yourself from eBay "identity theft."

  10. Never respond to any scary e-mails that appear to be from eBay. eBay will communicate directly with you through your account under "my messages" on any pressing issues.

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Reader Comments

Wednesday, March 19, 2008 at 12:15 PM
anonymous says:
My mom sold plus size clothing as a business for years and it allowed her to make alot of extra money on the side with little work and investment. If my mom who has VERY limited computer use knowledge can become a power seller, anyone can good luck and I hope all that read this understand the power of selling online these days.

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