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Posted by Leif on Thursday, January 10, 2008

The newest issue of America’s Best is now online, and we think you’ll find that this is the best issue so far. For instance, we’ve provided a detailed series of articles on resolutions that you can keep for your business in 2008. In one, you’ll learn how a couple of former students in Georgia launched a successful T-shirt company by using untraditional marketing methods such as MySpace. In another, you’ll learn how a laundromat owner is saving thousands of dollars by using solar power. None of the resolutions are difficult to keep; in fact, we strongly believe that you could make a big difference in your business by following even one tip presented in each article. Also, don’t miss the interview with our company’s president, in which you’ll learn his vision for the company and what led him to it.

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Tags: operations, marketing, management

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