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Posted by Al on Monday, October 20, 2008

Striving to offer the best discount program on the internet, America’s Best Companies has once again expanded its’ partner program. In the past couple of months, ABC has added 8 new partners to our website and has already approved an additional 9 more. We are just waiting for their information before we add them as well. Of the 8 that we have added, we are especially pleased to announce the programs from two major companies ADT and ADP. The new partners that we added and their programs are as follows:


  • Great Web Meetings builds the marketing, sales and presentation skills you need to use webinars and webmeetings effectively. We are proud to offer ABC members 20% off webinar services.
  • Salesconx
    Salesconx is an online marketplace and expert network for sales and business referrals.
  • Orlando Vacations
    Looking for discounts on an Orlando vacation? All America’s Best Companies’ Members will receive the highest discounts available!
  • Creative Capital Associates
    Together with America’s Best Companies, CCA is bringing you the very best in business to business commercial financing.
  • Hot Pluto
    ABC has teamed up with Hot Pluto to offer businesses an affordable Video Advertising solution. Save 20% monthly with Hot Pluto's Level-1 account.
  • ADT Security Services
    ADT Security Services is America's leading small business security provider. Save 25%!
  • Yodle
    Yodle is a leader in Local Online Advertising. Get a $200 credit towards your first month.
  • ADP
    Over 400,000 small businesses process their payroll and tax filings with ADP.  Sign up for ADP’s payroll solution as an America’s Best Companies’ member and save 20% on payroll processing services

Keep checking back as we continue to add new partners to our website. For the latest listings, visit our What’s New page or login and go to your members page.

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Al is the head of partner developement and advertising director at ABC. For more information email Al at or call at 877.885.2378 ext 244.

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