ABC Moves from Partner Discounts to Total Business Solutions

Posted by Al on Monday, September 8, 2008

As the ABC Partner Program continues to expand, it is beginning to morph into something much bigger than the sum of the parts. As we continue to add new partners, we are no longer merely offering discounts on a number of products and services. America’s Best Companies is happy to announce that we are now providing our members with total business solutions. 


The first total solution is in the area of small business loans. Obtaining financing in this environment of tight credit is a concern for everyone, but we have partnered with a trio of companies that can help our members no matter what type of business they are in.


The X Banker. These people are consultants; experts at helping small businesses improve their overall credit rating. Consulting with small businesses about how they can separate their business credit from their personal credit, why they should incorporate and numerous other strategies that will help the small business owner to be able to attract financing. The X Banker will offer ABC members a 20% discount on any of their services.


Creative Capital. They are a Factoring company. For those small businesses that send out invoices Creative Capital will buy your invoices and provide you with cash in a few days rather than having to wait net 30 or net 60 or longer. As an ABC member, Creative Capital is offering a 50% reduction of their closing costs, a $325.00 value.


MBS Financial. This company loans small businesses money based on their Credit Card processing receipts. So for small businesses that accept credit cards they are eligible for loans based on the amount of their credit card receipts. With MBS Financial, you don’t even have to have perfect credit to qualify. For ABC members, they offer free consulting on reducing or eliminating tax and other liens.


So no matter whether your business takes credit card payments or sends out invoices, we have a partner who can make sure you are covered during these tough financial times. Keep checking our Exclusive Small Business Discount Section as we continue to add partners and develop more total solutions for your business needs.

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Al is the head of partner developement and advertising director at ABC. For more information email Al at or call at 877.885.2378 ext 244.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008 at 9:10 AM
Tim Buck Squared says:

Congrads to the Coop on his 100th blog. Look forward to many more!

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