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The Stress Doc offers many tips on how businesses can reduce stress in the workplace.

In today’s troubling economy, the stress can build quickly for small business owners. The Stress Doctor, Mark Gorkin, a renowned licensed clinical social worker, specializes in reducing stress. Gorkin emphasizes setting goals and prioritizing different tasks to ease the stress on employees. Prioritizing allows tasks to be organized, accomplish goals efficiently, and ensures the important tasks to be completed first. Gorkin says that the biggest mistake small business owners make is giving employees work at the last minute without notice. “Giving employees a heads up for new work is important,” says Gorkin. “It allows employees to prioritize with the work they currently have and also include the additional work they will receive.” Upon receiving urgent assignments, employees should take a five-minute break to think about the task they just received, and to reprioritize to give each assignment the time and energy it deserves. Keeping organization in the workplace to keep with priorities acknowledges that not one person can do all the work, and many tasks will be redistributed to other employees. Gorkin stresses the importance of effective hiring to delegate and collaborate with work. “Remember, the hiring decision is based on fit and culture,” reminds Gorkin, who received that advice from an executive search firm.

Another way to reduce stress is to encourage a team atmosphere, which allows employees to brainstorm and voice their opinion equally. Gorkin recommends supervisors encourage teamwork because the voice of the employees is essential for the supervisors to do their jobs effectively. Creating a safe atmosphere to share ideas and help one another out encourages honest and effective teamwork. Gorkin suggests finding a “stress buddy” in your business to give TLC: Tough Love and Criticism. Find an individual in the workplace who understands your situation and place in the business to rely on for honest feedback. This “stress buddy’s” honest opinions will save employees from wasting precious time to complete tasks. Gorkin also stresses the importance of learning how and when to say “no.” Saying “no” properly and effectively entails acknowledging the request for help, but suggesting other ways in which you can help instead. Offering to help in another way, which will reduce the stress of your co-worker and not add to the stress of yourself will help out the business in the long run.

The final component to reducing stress is to stay healthy. Eating specific foods, staying active, and getting enough sleep will improve health and reduce stress. Substituting healthy snacks for junk food will release different chemicals to reduce stress. Snacking on sunflower seeds release selenium, which is an anti-anxiety chemical found in bodies. Omega 3 Fish Oils, such as salmon and sardines, release the anti-depressant chemical, serotonin, which will improve mood and health. Gorkin suggests his own recipe for breakfast. This recipe provides high energy boosts that are essential for early mornings.

* Banana Smoothies:

Mix into a blender: three bananas, a handful of frozen raspberries and frozen peaches, and half cups of orange and grape juice. Add three heaping tablespoons of soy powder.

Exercising is also essential for reducing stress, and staying healthy. Exercising releases dopamine, a feel good chemical found in the body. Gorkin says that “physically working off excess adrenaline is critical,” as adrenaline can elevate cholesterol levels. Additionally, sleep is also a key component in staying healthy and reducing stress. Employees often stay up late working and wake up too early to get to work, and do not receive the recommended eight hours of sleep. Gorkin says that power naps are a good way to catch up on some sleep.

The Stress Doc offers many tips on how businesses can reduce stress in the workplace. From diet and exercise, to learning how to say “no” and prioritize, Mark Gorkin has perfected the teaching to reduce stress in the workplace.

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