Winter Wonders

As the year comes to a close, great news abounds at ABC.

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Last month, we spent a little time cranking out some funny commercials on YouTube. Our goal was to illustrate just how ridiculous an effect some big companies have on our everyday lives, from a little girl who struggles to run a successful lemonade stand amidst unlikely competition to a hapless husband who needs explicit directions to find milk at the store. Our collection is sure to make you smile and may even budge a laugh. So take five minutes and look up our videos. Just search by title.

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Sponsorship Program Launched

America’s Best Companies is proud to announce the ABC Sponsorship Program, as a free fund-raising opportunity for all types of community-orientated organizations from youth groups to mother’s clubs to local chambers of commerce. Through this program, any organization can strengthen its connections with the small businesses in its community and at the same time earn big rewards. Simply by ABC promotional brochures, e-mails or pre-printed postcards, organizations can easily refer business owners to join America’s Best Companies. Every enrollment earns $100 in funds for the organization of your choice. The program is absolutely free to get started, and business owners who enroll will receive a custom certificate recognizing them as a sponsor of the organization they enrolled through. If you are involved in any type of community organization, or know someone who is and would be interested in the perfect fundraising opportunity, visit for more information.

New and Improved ABC Member Center

We’ve redesigned the ABC Member Center to make it easier for members to manage their personal settings and have access to the latest in ABC marketing collateral. Members can log in at to update their Web profile and billing information, connect with other members in their area through the member directory, and easily access the most current discounts available.

President Jim Tracy on Duct Tape Marketing

America’s Best Companies president Jim Tracy shared his vision for the future of small business in America during a podcast interview about how small business owners can succeed, even in these economically troubled times.

Jim spoke with John Jantsch, creator of the Duct Tape Marketing Small Business Marketing System, about exploring the many ways that small business owners can benefit from membership in ABC.

To listen to the podcast interview, visit:

Enter to Win a New Hybrid Car

Over the last 2 years, America’s Best Companies members have benefited from discounted home and auto insurance through the Liberty Mutual Group Savings Plus® program. Now, they’re celebrating the new Liberty Mutual Auto Buying Service by giving away a hybrid car.

Just complete an online entry form at There is no purchase or quote necessary. It’s their goal to help you Drive Your Dream, While Going Green.

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