If These Walls Could Talk

Just because your cubicle is the size of a bathroom stall, doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your space. We spend so much time and money putting together our homes, but we don’t think about our workspace in the same way, according to Kelley L. Moore, author of Cube Chic, a hip, irreverant decorating book that offers inspirational cube designs for every taste.

Deck the Walls

Why not bring your love for the outdoors to the office? In Moore’s “cabin cube”, she creates a cozy environment using camel, chocolate, green and red tones to layer the colors of fall onto the cubicle walls. “If you think about it, the walls and floor are the largest spaces to transform,” Moore says. Moore suggests using pre-printed corrugated paper available at craft and party-supply stores—it’s inexpensive and can be easily attached with Velcro.

Renew Your Desk

It is possible to add style to your desk while keeping it functional.

For the “cabin cube”, Moore suggests covering the desk with camel-colored felt or another fabric such as flannel, fleece, or denim, which reminds you of your favorite rugged shirt.

Walk This Way

Moore says that second to the walls, the floor is the next biggest area within your cubicle space. “You can bring in your favorite area rug from home, it ties things together nicely and gives it a really personal feel,” she said. Using faux pine trees can add depth, and create an atmosphere of a family cabin in the mountains, according to Moore.

It’s in the Details

The key to turning your little corner of the world into a cool workspace is to pay attention to the little details. Moore gathered pinecones, stones, branches, hiking attire and woodcarvings to help set a rustic scene. If you don’t have a big decorating budget, you can download a picture of a mountain scene or some fall leaves as your computer wallpaper to keep with the theme.

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