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MyABCspace 2.0

Myabcspace.com just received a facelift for 2010. More importantly, every member of ABC is eligible for a free upgrade. Our new user interface makes it easier than ever to create a professional and great looking website for your business. We’ve added a new template-based design format, easy photo uploading, an HTML editing tool, and new themes and images allowing for thousands of custom design combinations.

If you have a current website with myABCspace and would like to upgrade to the new interface—you can easily do so online at myabcspace.com or by contacting one of our Web specialists at 1-877-885-2378. We’ll be happy to assist you!

Create Your Holiday e-Coupons!

Over 34% of customers shop online before they ever get to the store. Take advantage of consumer traffic on EZlocal.com. EZlocal makes it easy to share in-store discounts all over the Web with easy to create custom e-coupons! Make sure you’re ready for the holidays—create your coupon today.

EZlocal is a local search engine designed to help consumers quickly and easily find products and services in your community (and elsewhere), providing an easy reference map, customer reviews, and business profiles. EZlocal is owned and operated by America’s Best Companies.

ABC to Launch Small Business Workshops

Heading into 2010, ABC will be launching educational workshops aimed at helping members grow their businesses. Members will be able to attend live webinars covering topics on everything ranging from money saving tips to sales and marketing to social media. Watch your e-mail inbox to accept an invitation to one of these exciting, free events.

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