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America's Best Companies is better than ever before. Join us as we move into a new year and a new era.

EZ Local

You can now access the beta version of ezlocal.com, the newest website of America’s Best Companies. Ezlocalgives consumers access to over 16 million U.S. business listings categorized by address, business type, and business name. We also provide driving directions for each business complete with maps and a customer feedback system.

Members of America’s Best Companies receive free prominent listings on the site and will eventually have the opportunity to purchase discounted banner advertisements. Member-to-member networking capabilities are also being explored.

In the future, users will be able to see information related to their home area such as weather, news, and special events. Individual business profiles will contain hours of operation, descriptions of services or products offered, e-mail contact information, and links to websites. Eventually, businesses will be able to use tools on ezlocal to create custom coupons and post menus and brochures.

Ezlocal is different from search engines such as Google due to its greater focus on individual markets. If you try to find a local florist on Google who doesn’t have a website and hasn’t effectively optimized their business for Internet searches, you’ll likely sift through hundreds of listings for 1-800-Flowers, Flowerama’s, and other big name franchises. Ezlocal places small, local businesses first. Best of all, anyone can use ezlocal; no registration is necessary.


Reseller Program

America’s Best Companies is proud to introduce the ABC Reseller Program. The ultimate goal of the program is to help build ABC into a 200,000+ member association with serious influence and buying power in order to help small businesses compete against bigger companies. It’s also a way for us to share our success.

“Reselling” is working as an independent agent and earning referral fees on direct sales of enrollment into America’s Best Companies via the Internet or local markets. Resellers of America’s Best Companies work independently and share the common goals of promoting and protecting the future of small business and helping small and independent businesses in America grow and make more money. Prospecting methods include direct sales contacts, setting appointments, and generating referrals. We are also in the process of developing an online affiliate program.

Resellers of ABC have unlimited earning potential plus the opportunity to make our communities stronger by helping free enterprise. America’s Best Companies will provide all qualified resellers with the tools and training necessary to sell ABC memberships.

If you’re interested in participating in our reseller program, you can request information online, apply directly through the website at gowithabc.com/resellers, or call us at 877-885-2378 and ask for Mike or Dale.

The New Website

If you haven’t looked at our new website yet, go to your computer and enter gowithabc.com into your browser. You’ll find that a lot of things have changed. In addition to a new user-friendly design, we’ve also added the necessity to register in order to access many features of the site. Registering gives you access to partner discounts, marketing materials, and the ability to update your business profile.

During the last couple of months, we’ve added around 20 partners to our already extensive listing of discount providers. Moreover, we’ve made searching for a discount in a specific category much easier. Our member directory has been optimized so that searches occur more quickly, and we’ve also added a map feature for each business listed.

Also, be sure to visit the Small Business Center, which provides a wealth of information on every aspect of running your business.

Feedback System

It’s been repeatedly shown that consumers value and trust rating systems to help them make better purchasing decisions. With that in mind, America’s Best Companies has implemented a feedback system into both ezlocal?and our membership directory. Our system works on points, and positive feedback for your company results in a higher rating. Each business starts with a blue star. One positive feedback rating will change it to an orange star, five to a green star, and so forth. With the accumulation of 100 positive points, you’ll receive a blue diamond, the highest rating possible. Also, users of our directories can leave ABC members private comments. These are sent via e-mail and contain important information to help you better understand your customers’ needs.

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