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Technologies that can be integrated into small businesses in the most interesting ways.

Let’s ring in the New Year with some new technology! Not mp3 players and Blu-ray discs here, but technologies that can be integrated into small businesses in the most interesting ways. A small investment in to digital signage, a digital whiteboard, biometrics and security will keep your small business up to date and your employees and customers happy.

For starters, digital signage is one of the most important and eye catching renovations a business can make to its storefront or office. Imagine walking up to your small business and instead of the clutter that window stickers, signage, and physical inventory crammed in front of the window creates, you have a sleek flat screen display that is showing the customers whatever you choose, and as many things as you would like. You are able to display many different things ranging from high definition pictures and video of products and services to an informative PowerPoint or Word document all in the same space!

Next, in the conference room, the old dry-erase board can be upgraded with an all new digital whiteboard. With the use of a projector and a wall you can make engaging presentations and use your hands as not only the marker and eraser, but you can manipulate graphs and charts, as well as pictures and video. You are now able to engage in presentations that not only keep the attention of your employees but also current and prospective clients!

Also, throw away the employee time clock and your old cash register. Biometric technology is no longer a thing of science fiction movies. It is found more and more in small businesses every day. Employees are able to scan their fingerprint to clock in and out for the day as well as login to the point of sale to complete a transaction. This means you as a business owner, will be one hundred percent sure that the employee is working honestly. By implementing this new technology, it eliminates register codes that can be used by anyone, and ensures that your employees are accounted for at all times.

Finally, after investing in to your business, it only makes sense to keep all of this technology secure. Not just any old security camera with a VCR tape will do. Make sure everything is monitored with an advanced security system. These new systems will allow you not only view the camera feed on the main screen in your physical location, but also on any internet connected computer and/or handheld wireless device with internet capabilities. Imagine the peace of mind that you can have when at 3 a.m. you can make sure your business is secure with the push of the screen on your iPhone. Not only can you sleep better at night, but you can wake up confident in your business.

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