America's Best Companies on Facebook

Posted by Dave Cosper on Friday, May 29, 2009

America's Best Companies on Facebook
Show your support for small business and become a fan of ABC on Facebook - help spread the word -- small businesses are here to stay. Check out our 'boxes' to stay up-to-date with America's Best magazine and all of our small business blog feeds. Share your ideas, thoughts and questions by posting a comment on the ABC wall.

You can click on the the graphic above to find us there or simply follow this link:

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Dave Cosper

As Vice President of America's Best Companies, Dave Cosper manages the daily requirements of the business, as well as corporate growth and development. He has over six years of experience working specifically with small businesses and is a frequent contributor to America's Best magazine covering topics like Internet marketing, advertising and technology. Email Dave.

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Reader Comments

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 at 5:58 PM
Drew Young says:

I am new to the abc team and very excited about being part of a company that is the face of small business and is run by people that have this company headed in the right direction so as team members thats all be a part of bringing the small businesses back to america and educate them how to be sucessful and how to stay at the top god bless all of you.

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