An App a Day

It seems like the iPhone has an app for just about everything. Here are some of our favorites that might be helpful to you as a business owner. By Lynn Celmer

Touch Meeting

Touch Meeting is a feature-rich, free desktop and mobile Web conferencing service. It allows anyone to host or attend a meeting from either a computer or an iPhone. • FREE

Packing Pro

Packing Pro is a powerful, professional, yet flexible app that can help you pack light by eliminating waste and redundancy. Packing Pro can free you from the worries and traditional drudgery of packing. • $3.99

Creative Whack Pack

The Creative Whack Pack will “whack” you out of habitual thought patterns and allow you to look at things in a fresh way. It consists of 64 illustrated creativity strategies. Each of these packed with stories, examples, and questions. • $2.99


fring is a mobile internet community and communication service that allows friends to connect, share experiences and enhance their communities (Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo!, AIM) together, using your iPhone’s internet capability. • FREE


iBlueSky is a mindmapping app for iPhone, offering a streamlined workflow and ease-of-use over superfluous features. Boost your productivity when away from your desk; capture and develop your great ideas whenever they come to you. • $9.99


Forget how to tie the Windsor or Four-in-Hand knot? No problem, with iTie you have the guide always with you. (FREE)

CamControl LE for iPhone

CamControl LE enables live video transmission of three predefined HeiTel video recording and transmission systems from your business. • $0.99


iRdesktop allows you to view and control your Windows Desktop using your iPhone. (FREE)


$Delay uses a product’s business case for a new product development plan and generates the Cost of Delay, margin, profit, return on investment, etc. ($2.99)

Marketing Profs

Stuck in line or on hold? Use that time to breeze through the latest marketing digests from Skim mini articles in 60 seconds. They’re small, but powerful. • FREE

Follow Up - Personal CRM

A personal CRM app designed for anyone from the average forgetful person to the professional salesperson. Keep detailed records of conversations as well as schedule future follow-ups with any of your contacts. • $4.99

beamME pro vCard exchange

beamMe is the world’s most popular app for mobile contact exchange. You can “beam” any contact card from your iPhone to any device automatically over SMS or e-mail. • $6.99

Sushi Time

With SushiTime you don’t have to be a sushi pro to eat like one. This app will demystify many common terms found in sushi restaurant menus as well as fill in gaps for sushi connoisseurs. • $1.99


Whether you need to find a great quote to include in a business presentation or marketing materials or are just looking for some inspiration, fire up MotivationalQuotes. • $0.99

GolfCard Lite

GolfCard Lite is a professional ALL-IN-ONE app for the casual and serious golfer. Includes scoring just like a real golf card, range finder with maps, and statistics with a calculated handicap. • $0.99


Goal2Action will help you set and visualize powerful goals, effortlessly take action and achieve your most important projects. ($29.99)

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