Email Marketing

eWeekly Newsletter

America’s Best Companies’ has two newsletters that are each sent on a weekly basis. The eWeekly newsletter and Newsworthy newsletter is sent once a week to over 18,000 subscribers and members, allowing you direct access to small business owners all across the country.

These newsletters contains the latest tips, trends and news for small business owners, making every new issue relevant and engaging for readers.


Frequency: Weekly

Subscribers: 18,250

Unique benefits of advertising in eWeekly or Newsworthy:

  • Link your ad to the landing page of your choice
  • Promote time sensitive offers and events
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Generate immediate response from customers
  • Have direct access to the decision makers in small businesses all across the country

Advertising opportunities include:

  • IMU 300 x 250
  • Full Banner 468 x 60
  • $380.00
  • $190.00

Custom Email Ad

America’s Best Companies can create a co-branded email featuring your advertisement to send to all of our members. Simply submit your ad to us in an HTML format or as one large graphic that is no wider than 600 pixels. This is a unique opportunity to directly target small business owners in all 50 states. These are sent out a maximum of twice per month, which means your ad won’t get lost in the clutter. Our loyal members are eager to hear of new promotions!

The cost is $750 each time this email is sent. Acceptable format is HTML code with images hosted by sponsor. Flash and rich media files are not accepted.

Max File Size is 20k (gif, jpeg). The acceptable formats are gif, jpeg, or HTML. Flash and rich media files are not accepted.