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003 Small Business Financing, Operations and the Start-up Company

Released on Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This month, we met two ABC members and heard how they took the risk of starting their own business and how it paid off. Up first though, we talked to the regional head of the U.S. Small Business Administration about how the government can help small businesses secure financing and get free advice on improving their operations.

Episode Guests
Judith Roussel
Acting Region 5 Administrator of the US Small Business Administration

Anita L. Barton (ABC Member)
Founder and Owner of Crafty Me Yarns
website | email

Jeffery Toney (ABC Member)
Bestway Mortgage
website | email

Sponsored by
This episode of America’s Best Small Business Podcast is sponsored by Liberty Mutual. Visit Liberty Mutual on the web or call Tim Spellman at 800-306-8033 ext 56925 to receive a discount.



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