Top 10 Sales Blunders

Even the most seasoned professional makes mistakes from time to time. If you avoid these common sales killers, you'll increase the likelihood of closing the deal.

Making the sale, the goal and dream of a salesperson, is no simple thing and it may be something small, something trivial, which tips the scales in your favor or against you. The question then is what, all things being equal, will likely kill your sale? These are the things you will have to correct. Here is our Top 10 sales blunders—some are about the product, most are about the salesman—and what you can do to avoid them.

The Product

Product knowledge and enthusiasm over the solution it can provide the potential customer are key to the sales pitch. Without them, there is no chance of success. Here are some things you need to look for:

The Salesman

Sometimes the problem is the person making the pitch. It could be a question of appearance, or the connection he makes. Here are some things to watch out for. Watch out for these issues:

Correcting these problems is really not difficult. It just takes work. You have to know and believe in your product. Otherwise, what is the point of selling it? You need to get past the merely glib and develop a real rapport with your client. You must also be a problem-solver instead of a mere salesman, keep ego out of the equation, know when to close and how to do it and make sure both you and your company can keep your word.

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