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The challenges of a start-up were no match for this Georgia business owner once he found his niche.

After hearing about the idea from his best friend, Lynn Knight decided to open his business, Action Specialty Carts, in January of 2006. Action Specialty Carts is a top-quality golf cart and utility rental company that serves the Metro Atlanta and North Georgia areas, providing both exceptional service and support to all their customers. Action Specialty Carts offers onsite transportation requirements for corporate promotions, sporting events, golf tournaments, trade shows, parades, festivals, weddings, and more. “My best friend had given me the idea because he has a similar business in Phoenix, Arizona; I then decided to expand on his idea and start my own company here in Georgia,” Knight said. According to Knight, there was a great niche market in the Atlanta area, so starting this company was a no-brainer. Two years later, Knight’s success has skyrocketed. Action Specialty Carts debuted with only 10 golf carts, but now, after two years, Knight has over 80 carts at his business. Of course, along with the greater number of carts came a greater number of sales. In fact, Action Specialty Carts’ sales have increased over 400 percent. However, this success did not happen overnight. Knight had a great number of challenges ahead of him, but he was able to overcome these obstacles and achieve the success that he desired.

Facing the Challenges

In Knight’s case, the biggest challenge had been finding dependable employees. “Finding reliable and trustworthy employees isn’t always easy, and when your business is on the line, finding the right employees is critical,” Knight said. Being aware of this potential hazard, Knight was able to find the dependable employees he had been looking for; employees who have helped his company flourish. Once proper employees were in place, Knight’s next obstacle was finding successful ways to introduce his company to the public. According to Knight, “Getting an idea for a business is easy, but finding ways to launch that business is the tough part.” During the two years that Action Specialty Carts has been in business, Knight has found that advertising on the Internet has helped his business the most. “Many people have found me through the Internet,” he said. Thanks to this Internet advertising, Knight has acquired numerous clients that he might never have found elsewhere.

Perfect Timing

Knight couldn’t have found America’s Best Companies at a more perfect time. “I was using three different companies who were all doing the same thing together that ABC was doing alone, and I had no idea what these three companies were doing for me.” After realizing that none of these companies could tell him how they were helping him, he decided to call ABC. It was right then and there that Knight decided to drop the three companies he was working with. He explained, “I was greeted with an enthusiastic voice and within my first conversation with an ABC representative, a website was already in the making for my company.” That first conversation with ABC has dramatically helped Knight and Action Specialty Carts stay a step ahead of his competition. Not only does his website put him ahead of others in terms of search engine optimization, but seems to be much more appealing. “The website that was built for my company is unlike other sites. It is much more eye-catching, and has the keywords associated to bring new clients to the site quickly and easily,” he said. Knight’s website has helped him pull ahead of his competitors, and this online advertising has really helped customers reach Action Specialty Carts.

Support System

ABC has dramatically helped Knight and Action Specialty Carts. What does Knight like most about ABC? “Great customer service,” he said. ABC has proven to give great customer service, through their professionalism and dedication to helping small businesses. “ABC was very professional, timely and flexible with anything I wanted done regarding my membership or my website. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to become a member of ABC.”

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