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America's Best Companies' new Member Reseller Program lays the foundation for thousands of businesses to prosper.

How is your business going? Regardless of how you answer, I have a program for you at America’s Best Companies. We are currently expanding our sales force nationally and are looking to add 1,000 sales reps over the next 12 months. We are planning on having a local sales presence in every geographical area of the United States. What does that have to do with you? Plenty! You can be the ABC presence in your area and generate a significant income at the same time. Best of all, you don’t have to have any sales experience to get involved.

America’s Best Companies is one of the fastest growing small business organizations in the United States today. We have spent the last two years building our product in order to give business owners the maximum amount of benefit at the lowest investment possible. Our members receive countless benefits such as online information resources, America’s Best magazine, discount programs, search engine listings, use of the ABC logo, and even an optional website for businesses that still need one. We provide all those and dozens of other benefits for about a dollar per day to our members. That’s a lot of value for a low investment and it’s therefore not very difficult to sell.

Your answer to the first question will determine which program is right for you. We currently offer two programs: the “Member Reseller” and the “Member Co-op.” The “Reseller” program is designed for small business owners looking for a strong financial opportunity to make additional income or perhaps to entirely replace the business they are in now. The “Co-op” program is designed for business owners, groups, or individuals that are not looking for additional personal income, but for income that can be used to advance a cause in their area. The “Co-op” program can even be used to generate income for your church, youth group, or local athletes.

Both programs are based on referring businesses to become members of America’s Best Companies. Neither program requires a strong sales approach: Generating income can be accomplished by simply handing out flyers in your area or just leaving brochures on your counter or desk. We create a unique source code printed on the flyers for each reseller that identifies you and also offers a special discount to encourage new enrollments. We can send you as many flyers as you need to create a buzz in your area. We do not limit an individual or group to their town and encourage you or your group to spread the word in surrounding areas.

The Member Reseller Program

The Member Reseller program has been designed to create an income stream to small business owners or other entrepreneurs who would like to sell memberships to America’s Best Companies as a primary or secondary source of income. The reseller would sign a simple Reseller Agreement with ABC and receive a reseller kit from us several days later. One of the ABC sales trainers would then train the new reseller by telephone on the benefits of membership. This typically takes about an hour. There is no financial or additional time investment required.
The reseller would then be eligible to sign up new ABC members and be paid a referral fee for their effort. The referral fee typically averages $100-$200 per new member and a full-time reseller can often generate around 10 sales per week. Resellers are also eligible to receive ongoing residuals that average about $100 per year for renewals. Even a part-time reseller can often sign up two or three new members each week just by speaking with business owners in their area. The specific program details can be found online at gowithabc.com or by contacting us by e-mail or telephone.

Resellers are not required to service their accounts in any way. America’s Best Companies will provide customer support to the new member and provide him or her with all of the documents and benefits associated with membership.

In short, Member Resellers have the potential to earn $50,000 or even up to $100,000 in their first year, and if 75 percent of their referrals renew their memberships, they would receive $37,500-$75,000 the following year before they ever signed up another member. For many struggling entrepreneurs, this can create a significant improvement in their current financial situation. Others may want to refer their spouse or children as this would generate extraordinary income potential without any educational or experience requirements. We are just looking for honest, hard working individuals to sell this program.

The Member Co-op Program

The Member Co-op program provides all of the same payments and benefits of the Reseller program. The difference is that the money would be paid to the co-op or organization as opposed to an individual person or company. For example, let’s say that you are active in your local chamber of commerce or church. At a meeting, you could propose that all of the business owners in the group sign up to enjoy the many benefits that ABC has to offer. If you have 200 business owners in the group and 100 enroll, ABC would provide the referral fees of $100-$200 per new member to the designated organization. The $10,000 to $20,000 generated each year in referral fees and ongoing renewals could then be used to sponsor local events or finance the organization. Again, ABC membership dues are 100% tax deductible and our partner discount programs often cover the already low investment for membership.

The local chamber of commerce is just one example. A mother’s club, main street association, or even a junior achievement group could be offered the same program. Any group that would like to generate a revenue stream could become a member co-op. There are no territory limits or income limits on this program. A local student group could even generate income for new equipment or travel expenses by handing out flyers to small business owners and encouraging them to enroll online. ABC would supply all of the necessary support and training for the group to get started.

The Bottom Line

We can customize a program that is just right for you or your organization. This product can be promoted in person, through regular mail, e-mail, on your website, by telephone, or even by distributing pamphlets. Each group or individual receives a unique reseller code from ABC. That code can be distributed using any of the aforementioned techniques to identify the source of the original referral. You can obtain a code in as little as 15 minutes and start handing it out to every business owner that you encounter. Eventually, every business owner will learn about our services and we will pay a referral fee to the entity that enrolls each one. If 100 or more businesses in your area become members of ABC, you or your organization should benefit financially because of it. Just 100 enrollments would generate over $10,000 in revenue and, again, it’s not hard to get started. The first step is just a phone call or e-mail away.
To learn more, visit gowithabc.com and click on Reseller program or send an e-mail to sales@gowithabc.com or call (877) 885-2378 and ask for Tim.

Refer People to ABC and Earn Cash!

Do you have a website? Now you can use it to make money and show your support of America’s Best Companies at the same time. We have created an opportunity to earn money for every small business owner you send our way. Simply post an ABC banner or link on your website and you can start earning commissions immediately. The ABC Affiliate Program provides you with official America’s Best Companies banners and links to place on your website, e-mail or online blog. You’ll earn commissions for every approved ABC enrollment referred by your banner. If you have an e-mail list, you can add a similar banner or even a link to refer new members as well. Our support staff can even create a custom e-mail message for you or your organization to promote ABC. It only takes about 20 minutes to get started. Find out more by contacting Tim Scheer at (877) 885-2378 or by visiting our website at gowithabc.com/programs.

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