Tips for Laptop Batteries

Avoid frustration and extend your laptop battery life.

Know What to Buy
One of the biggest frustrations for laptop owners is the battery life. Each year the battery industry enhances the technology that is used in the laptop. The current favorite is the Lithium-ion. These batteries last much longer than their predecessors, the Ni-Cad and Ni-Mh-based batteries.

Break in the Battery
New laptop batteries must be “broken in” properly before prolonged use. It’s very simple to do—just charge your battery to full capacity. Then you will run your laptop down until your laptop tells you to plug in your AC plug. Repeat the process three or four times. You will then notice your laptop battery lasting much longer after each charge. Also, it will help prolong your battery life overall.

Extend the Battery Life
If your battery is running low on power and you cannot switch to your AC plug, dimming your
screen and turning off all nonessential programs
will help give you more time on your battery.

Learn When to Replace the Battery
When should you replace your laptop battery? First, charge your laptop battery to full power using your AC power adapter. Then, you will want to run your laptop and keep track of how long the battery can power it. If your battery lasts less than an hour, then it’s time to get a new battery.

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