Learning to Fly

Marquis Jet earns their gold wings by offering flexible, service and treating each of their customers like a VIP.

Entrepreneurs are always trying to improve their business. What better way to do that than to learn from the experience of others?

Marquis Jet has an outstanding team of employees led by a management team of entrepreneurs and professionals with long and successful careers in business, sports management and entertainment.

The company features the Marquis Jet Card, which offers fractional jet ownership plans. Through their exclusive alliance with NetJets, Marquis Jet Card Owners can purchase 25 hours of flight time and use them at their leisure.

Marquis Jet Card Owners not only have the benefits of being able to schedule flights on their time, but they’re also treated like royalty by receiving special value-added benefits from Marquis Jet’s world-class alliance partners. Some of these benefits include access to the Mayo Clinic Executive Travel Response program, which offers Card Owners and their guests access to top medical services from Mayo Clinic while using Marquis Jets; the Avis Chairman’s Club, an invitation only membership to the most exclusive level of service Avis has to offer; Savoya Global Chauffeured Services, providing Card Owners four complimentary hours in a Savoya sedan anywhere in the United States; and the PennVet VIP Program, which provides Card Owners quality veterinary care anywhere in the Unites States when traveling with pets. I recently had the chance to speak to Randy Brandoff, Vice President of Marketing for Marquis Jet, about the company and the tremendous amount of success they’ve had since its founding.

Why is repeat business so important? Customer retention makes it easier to maintain your size and easier to grow year after year. Our company relies heavily on word-of-mouth, and people are going to talk amongst their circles about the kind of service they received. If you provide great service, it leads to repeat business, and those customers will refer new customers.

What are some common customer service mistakes that you’ve seen other businesses make that could potentially cost them customers? First and foremost, I think it’s not responding to, or not immediately responding, when a mistake happens.

We’re in a high-touch service business. There are some times when service may be less than perfect, such as if an aircraft was late or the catering wasn’t as expected. We respond immediately and to the highest level of the organization. If we’ve made a mistake, we’ll go over the top to make it right.

The key is to acknowledge your mistakes, respond appropriately, and offer the highest level of response to make up for it.

I read an article in which Kenny Dichter, chairman and CEO of Marquis Jet, said that your customers aren’t customers; they are owners. Can you tell me a little bit more about that? Our customers really are the key driver of our business. They are considered owners because they have a fractional-based jet card. When they travel, it’s 100 percent as if they own that aircraft. They pick their passengers. If you go back to when we founded the company, it wasn’t about founding an aviation company as much as it was about creating a lifestyle enhancement tool. Unlike commercial airliners, where you absolutely have no sense of command and near guaranteed delays, we give our clients the ability to control time, saving a handful of hours if not longer on every flight. The ability to save a meaningful amount of hours during travel is an unbelievable perk and opportunity.

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