Picture This: Digital Camera Reviews

With these new affordable digital cameras, today’s entrepreneurs can no longer afford to be camera shy.

Digital cameras are now more affordable and userfriendly than ever. Whether you need a camera for photos of your eBay products, a camera for your rough construction job and outdoor vacations, or a camera that places you on the same level as a professional photographer, you can find what you need with today’s digital cameras. In the 21st century’s environment of Internet images and instant photographs, digital cameras now outsell their 35 mm counterparts.

The quality of a digital photo is measured in megapixels, and a higher megapixel count usually results in a higher quality photo (and a more expensive camera). For instance, a 5 megapixel camera will usually produce an image suitable for printing a 4x6 photograph and a 10 megapixel camera allows for print-quality photos that can fill up two pages of this magazine. For medium-sized Internet images, we recommend uploading an image with a minimum of 3 megapixels.

Digital cameras normally use memory cards instead of film. These allow you to choose which photos you want directly on the camera or your computer without having to go to a store and have the photos developed before you can see how your photos turned out, eliminating pricey photo development bills. Because of this, digital cameras are also ultimately less costly than disposable cameras. Different cameras require different memory cards, so be sure to check the box to find the card that’s best for you. Many cards today are at least 2 gigabytes, which allows for around 500 digital photos per card.

The variety of available digital cameras can be intimidating. After many hours of research, we’ve found the best so you don’t have to.

Olympus Stylus 770 SW

7.1 megapixels $375

ABC Best Value

We’re used to thinking of cameras as fragile objects. With this new little tank of a camera, Olympus has changed all that. The Stylus 770 SW gives the average consumer access to a camera that can be safely dropped (from five feet), frozen (up to 14 degrees), and even submerged (up to 33 feet), allowing for previously unattainable underwater photos. If you’re looking for that camera that you can take on your scuba trip to the Caribbean or to your job on the construction site, this is your camera.
What We Like: The ideal sports camera for any environment. Adjustable shutter speed allows for action shots uncommon in cameras of similar size.
What We Don’t: Weak flash.
Similar Cameras: Pentax Optio T30, Canon Power Shot SD750

Kodak EasyShare M753

7 megapixels $149

Best on a Budget

If you’re just looking for an inexpensive point-and-click that still delivers superb digital photos, you can’t go wrong with this ultra user-friendly camera. With 17 different camera modes ready to go for new digital photographers, the EasyShare M753 ensures that you’ll get the shot you want, no matter your expertise. Best of all, it’s ready to go right out of the box, so if you have the urge to snap that photo of your old comic books for eBay and upload it within an hour of turning it on, this is the camera for you.
What We Like: Extremely user-friendly. A 5X digital zoom places this camera on the same playing field as more expensive models. Beautiful close-ups. Also features an on-camera cropping tool.
What We Don’t: Limited features.
Similar Cameras: Olympus FE-230, Sony Cyber-Shot DSC W55

Canon Digital Rebel XTi

10.1 megapixels $899

Best High End

Cameras like the Digital Rebel, as its name implies, have revolutionized the digital camera industry, offering digital photographers the same image quality and performance formerly available only to users of old-fashioned film. Whatever you want from a camera, it’s all here: fully adjustable shutter speeds and focus options are just some of the treats available with this masterwork of a digital camera. Be aware, though, that this is not a beginner-friendly camera. If you plan on only using the auto shot function, the Digital Rebel just isn’t worth the price.
What We Like: Beautiful 10.1 megapixel photos. Builtin image stabilization ensures that effects from camera shake are minimized. Presets allow for fast shots without customization. Comfortable to hold despite size.
What We Don’t: The kit lens doesn’t take proper advantage of the XTi’s image potential. We advise buying the body alone and buying a separate lens.
Similar Cameras: Nikon D40X, Pentax K10D

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