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The mom and pop type shops make up more than 70 percent of all businesses nationally.


What Makes a Successful Marketing Plan?

A marketing plan conveys the marketing end sales activities that answer the questions of who, what where, when and how much.   Read More

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What's the Difference Between a Pyramid Scheme and a Ponzi Scheme?

The difference between pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes is in the methodology. Pyramid schemes rely on multiple levels of investors, each promising exorbitant returns to the succeeding level, whereas Ponzi schemes feature a central figure who promises exorbitant returns to all investors.

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The Importance of Web Presence for Small Businesses

Small businesses need web presence-plain and simple. A lack of internet presence will no doubt keep potential consumers from finding your business.

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Small Business Success Story: Yevgeniya Lepskaya School of Music

Entrepreneur and music extraordinaire Yevgeniya Lepskaya has overcome many challenges to open up her own school of music in Park Ridge, Illinois. I recently interviewed Yevgeniya and asked her about her challenges, successes, motivation, and small business advice.

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