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Who We Are

America's Best Companies (ABC) is a nationwide small business organization headquartered just outside Chicago, dedicated to helping small business owners stay in business, grow their business, and make more money in their business. We have been built on the strong belief that small businesses are the most important companies in America and the cornerstone of our communities. We built America's Best Companies to help protect the future of small business in what is, with the influx of big-box corporate chains, an increasingly competitive environment. We always welcome your feedback to to better serve you and help shape the future of ABC and your local business community.

“I love that, [ABC], is the bailout for small business owners today.” -Anita Campbell, Small Business Trends Radio

What We Believe

The future of small business depends on the commitment of independent business owners to join together. Thousands of small businesses close each year due to increasing competition from big corporations. ABC was built on the basic philosophy that small businesses are the most important companies in America. Our member dues allow us to gain leverage and significantly impact public awareness to make a difference for small business. ABC can only function effectively for small businesses with the support and active involvement of its membership.

“The small businesses are coming back, and thank goodness there are guys like [ABC] out there to really help build it and get a foundation where we are going to get some stead fast and success out of it.” -Michael Ray Dresser, Dresser After Dark

 What We Do

ABC fights passionately for the small business owner by providing education, information and benefits that are tailored to the needs of small businesses. Our success is only possible because of the strength of our numbers. ABC already influences thousands of active and involved small business owners and our buying power and advertising reach grows with each new member.

We provide five key tools to help our small business members maximize their business experience and obtain more customers quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. All of the products and services we offer are included in a low priced membership.


Small Business Discounts

Comprehensive small business discount program—hundreds of exclusive discounts on the most common products and services for the small business owner.


Small Business Resources

Advice, information, and news on virtually every small business issue delivered to you on our website, in the eWeekly newsletter as well as the Newsworthy newsletter.


Online Advertising

We connect business owners with consumers actively looking for their products or services. Members receive a business profile distributed to 40 of the top Internet search engines and directories.


ABC Marketing Materials

Member certificate, window decals, Web seals, business cards, labels and more.


Custom Website

Easy-to-build small business website tool with reliable hosting and free technical support.


“[ABC] focuses on how to support small businesses and being successful in times of great change, how to support small businesses in being powerful, how to support small businesses in having a voice at the table.” -Thomas White, Business Matters

The Man Behind the Mission

Jim Tracy is the President and Founder of ABC, which was established in 2006.

A graduate of Loyola University Chicago (1987), Jim served as senior vice president of National Translink Corporation and over a span of 10 years worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to grow their businesses and reach more customers.

Over the years Jim had witnessed countless small businesses going out of business as a result of heightened competition from big corporations and online retailers. This led to the inspiration in creating America's Best Companies. Jim strives to bring the issues of the small business owner to the forefront, while leading a dedicated and professional staff working to make a difference for the small business community.

“Some of those larger organization that are after the eyes and ears of small business owners really are embracing organizations like what [ABC is] attempting to do…be a real voice that talks to the real small business owners.” -John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing


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Jim Tracy

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Jim Tracy

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Jim Tracy

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Branding and Logos

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