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Reseller Program Benefits

  • Ongoing Residuals
  • Freedom and Flexibility
  • Ongoing Training
  • Full Support Staff
  • Paid Weekly

Reseller Benefits

You can be a part of one of the fastest growing small business associations in the country which proudly serves thousands of small business owners. Resellers of America's Best Companies work independently and share one common goal: to promote and protect the future of small business and help small and independent businesses in America grow and make more money.

America's Best Companies will provide all qualified resellers with the tools and training necessary to sell ABC memberships by using a consultative one-call sales approach and/or build a successful Internet marketing strategy by using our online Affiliate Program.

Referral Fee / Commission Payment Schedule

The following is a statement of the current payment structure for the ABC Reseller program. In order to qualify to receive Referral Fee income you must meet all of the requirements of the Referral Agreement. Referral Fee income and commissions are paid according to the following schedule starting with the first Billed merchant submitted.


ABC pays resellers an upfront commission of $150.00 for all approved monthly enrollments. Our Referral Fee, which is an ongoing monthly residual paid on all active accounts, is determined by the total monthly payment we receive from the Referrals.

For example, when a merchant (a “Referral”) enrolls in ABC ($29.95/mo.) as well as myABCspace (for $10.00/mo.), the total commission payable to the reseller is $150.00 with a monthly Referral Fee of $12.00. The following pricing structure outlines how both commisions and Referral Fees are determined based on ABC enrollment with and without myABCspace.

ABC Monthly Enrollment

Monthly Payment
Referral Fee

Including myABCspace (+$10/Mo)

Total Monthly Payment
Referral Fee
Total Referral Fee
(+) $2.00
(+) $2.00


As illustrated below, ABC pays resellers an upfront commision of $150.00 for a $299.50 annual enrollment. The Annual Referral Fee is determined by the total annual payment we receive.

For example, when a Referral enrolls annually with ABC ($299.50/yr.), the Referral Fee will be $100.00. If myABCspace is included (for an additional $100.00/year), the total Referral Fee will be $120.00.

ABC Annual Enrollment

Annual Payment
Referral Fee*

Including myABCspace (+$100/Yr)

Total Annual Payment
Referral Fee*
Total Referral Fee*
(+) $20.00
(+) $20.00

*Annual referral fee to be payed to reseller within THIRTY (30) days upon successful membership program renewal.
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