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About Aramark

ARAMARK Uniform Services is a division of ARAMARK, a global leader in professional services. Since 1998, ARAMARK has consistently ranked as one of "America's Most Admired Companies" by Fortune. We currently provide uniform rental, uniform purchase and uniform leasing services to more than 400,000 customer accounts nationwide from over 228 service locations and distribution centers across the United States. ARAMARK's full-service employee uniform solution includes design, sourcing and manufacturing, customization, cleaning, maintenance, and delivery.

Our Route Sales Representatives have the highest level of experience in the industry and take a vested interest in providing excellent service and follow-up. We offer businesses and other organizations a total uniform solution that helps them to solidify their image, promote teamwork and motivate employees. Our fully-managed cleaning, maintenance and delivery services offer convenience for you and your employees; cost-saving uniform solutions -- and ultimately, your peace of mind.

A full-service uniform program not only instills confidence and respect for your corporate image, it also provides protection and security for both employees and customers against contamination, life-threatening work hazard, and crime.

The Value of Uniform Programs

Uniform services are good for business! A well-coordinated uniform program goes beyond dollars and cents. It provides a professional image that builds employee morale and helps raise the perceived value of your products/services. Most
importantly, appropriate uniforms also provide safety and security for your employees as well as customers.

Enhance Image
Almost 60% of consumers and businesses prefer to buy from companies whose employees wear uniforms, says a survey* conducted by Uniform & Textile Services Association (UTSA). The survey also reported that respondents had more confidence in uniformed employees and found them to be more credible.

Empower Your Employees
Uniforms do not only affect how your staff looks, it also has a positive impact on their attitude and demeanor. While your staff feel more confident, professional and at ease, your customers respond accordingly. Your front-line staff present a tremendous opportunity of selling for you - the first impression is as important as your branding campaign, store decor, or the trucks that deliver your goods and services. A uniform program promoting your corporate image is one of the most cost-effective marketing investments you can make.

* Source: Survey conducted by JD Power and Associates in May 2000, sponsored by UTSA.

Promote Safety
Appropriate uniforms made with the right material and designed in the right forms would help protect workers from contaminants and hazards in critical environments. Uniforms help safeguard you and your employees in various levels:

  • By protecting your own clothing and equipment

  • By protecting you and your workers from contaminants

  • By protecting your products and customers from contaminants and diseases

  • By shielding your workers from flame, fire, arc flash, and electric shock

  • By preventing the accidental catching of garments in equipment and machinery

  • Uniforms that meet strict food safety laws can shield you from possible liabilities

In addition, a uniform program provides proper identifications increasing the security level of your workplace and peace of mind for your customers.


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