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About Business in a Box

Biztree’s Business-in-a-Box is a productivity software product that helps facilitate hundreds of common business tasks by providing necessary business and legal document templates.

How every entrepreneur and small and medium sized business can benefit:

1) 1,400+ business and legal document templates
This huge document template library which covers every situation a small-to-medium business can face, increasing productivity.

2) All documents are professionally formatted
This helps one project a professional and polished corporate image, improving communications.

3)Available in English, French, Spanish and Chinese
Allows companies to do business in more languages, to be able to cater more to specific target markets.

4)Automatic Document Auto-Fill - Automatically enters information in all relevant fields
Saves business owners additional time as the program remembers repetitive key information.

5)Fast Document Search - Perform keyword searches or browse by subject, type or task
Well organized, easy for users to find what they are looking for.

6)Easily Customize Templates - Use Microsoft Office (Word & Excel) or the Default Text Editor
Save Money – Users can prepare any business document by customizing reliable do-it-yourself legal forms written by lawyers and professional communication documents written by professional business writers.

Business-in-a-Box allows companies to be more productive by freeing up time and money spent on writing and legal fees, allowing business people to concentrate on company's core activities. Get your copy of Business-in-a-Box today and save $90!


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