Transit Project Supported by the Chamber

Posted by Mount Prospect Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Mount Prospect Chamber of Commerce fully supports the goal of the Northwest Corridor Transit Project  (Star Line) to create a high quality and high capacity transit system to serve the Northwest Corridor, centered on Interstate 90 from Rosemont through Mount Prospect to Elgin, Illinois.

Traffic congestion and a lack of effective transit alternatives is significantly hindering business access to prospective employees and retail customers. Congestion is also hampering the growth of hotel and restaurant business.

We need a transit improvement to offer effective access to both suburban and Chicago residents and visitors to the area’s rich employment opportunities and retail and commercial activities. Such an improvement will also help preserve road capacity for commercial service, material, and product delivery by diverting many auto travelers into transit.

Our community and the entire Northwest Corridor will not reach its economic growth potential without high quality, high capacity transit service.  We fully support efforts to identify a specific transit improvement and to obtain federal funding for it in the congressional reauthorization of the federal transit program and related appropriation legislation.

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