Mount Prospect Park District Goes Green

Posted by Mount Prospect Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Mount Prospect Park District launched an eco-committee last year to create more recycling opportunities for the facility and its residents. In April, the park district collected 1,850 small electronic devices at an e-cycling event in honor of Earth Day. The park district will hold a similar event in November.

“We’re stewards of the green space in the community, and our residents look to us for that type of leadership,” said Gail Gianpetro, Communications Manager of the Mount Prospect Park District. “We have the opportunity to show the community how they might do things that would be greener.”

The eco-committee designed a plan to reduce the use of utilities, paper and pesticide spray and expand recycling options. The park district will continue to recycle light bulbs, batteries, ink jets and toners for residents and materials such as asphalt and concrete for the facility. The park district also distributes recyclable grocery tote bags to reduce the need for plastic bags.

The Friendship Park Conservatory purchased a solar-powered watering system that targets individual plants to save water and manpower. More than 5,200 gallons of rainwater have been collected from conservatory gutters to water flowerbeds.

“It’s about educating people and being mindful,” said Stan Sunleaf, Friendship Park Conservatory Manager. “We’re most proud of the education process and getting people involved.”

The Friendship Park Conservatory offers gardening classes to educate the public about ways to be eco-friendly. The conservatory grew a community garden for residents to share the vegetable yield, and children from nearby schools will help cultivate plants in the fall and spring.

“There is so much for schools to utilize when talking about gardening – water, soil testing and what different ethnicities eat different plants,” Sunleaf said. “We want kids to be more earth-conscious.”

Sunleaf, who serves as director of the park district’s eco-committee, encourages residents to contact the conservatory about ways to “go green,” such as by composting or gardening. Please visit the Friendship Park Conservatory at 395 Algonquin Rd. in Des Plaines or online at

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