Email Marketing in a Down Economy to be presented by Steve Robinson.

Posted by Mount Prospect Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's no secret—tough economies challenge businesses of all sizes, not just small ones. But there are unique advantages that small businesses have when it comes to adjusting to—and thriving in—challenging environments.  Organizations like yours need to succeed by:

  • Getting to know your customers better
  • Helping them appreciate what you have to offer
  • Building loyalty by keeping them informed
  • Understanding your marketing effectiveness
  • Knowing when and where to get help

Email marketing can help your business do all of these things!  This presentation helps you to understand how professional looking branded emails can help your business to achieve the objectives listed above. Email marketing is an effective, affordable, and easy to use way to enhance your small businesses image and communicate with your customers and prospects. Topics covered during this program include:

  • What is permission-based email marketing
  • How to build a permission based list
  • Tips on getting your emails opened
  • Best practices in email marketing that make your efforts more effective
  • Tracking campaign results and what to do with this information
  • General tips for marketing in a down economy
  • And much more!!

Best for: This seminar appeals to anybody that wants to know the seven basic things that are necessary to successfully conduct email marketing campaigns.


This program is part of the Jump Start Series at the Mount Prospect Public Library sponsored by Mount Prospect Child Care Center. If you would like to register for the June 18th Thursday morning meeting, call 847- 253-5675.        


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