Mount Prospect Golf Course Cares for Environment with Audubon Certification

Posted by Mount Prospect Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Mount Prospect Park District Golf Club has continued its status as a trendsetter in environmental care for the past 10 years. As a member of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program , the golf course protects the environment with its certification and education plan.

“Only a certain number of golf courses in the world have that designation,” said Gail Gianpetro, Communications Manager of the Mount Prospect Park District. “We’ve been doing that long befo re big ‘green’ push came.”

The golf club, located at 600 S. See Gwun Ave., is one of about 50 in Illinois to maintain its member ship with Audubon International. The club drafted a plan to preserve natural areas and wildlife habitats in 1993 and became cert ified four years later, making the golf course one of the first in the area to receive certification.

“We’re just one piece of a really big puzzle,” said Fred Behnke, golf course superintendent . “We might take principles adopted at the golf course and move them into regular parks.”

As part of the design, the course maintenance staff irrigates with storm water ru n off and recycles organic waste . The golf club maintains a high standard of environmental quality in water conservation and planning.

“We’ve taken initiative to make water in the golf course cleaner when it leaves than when it comes in,” Behnke said. “It sets a good example for the community.”

The golf course renews its Audubon certification every five years. As an additional component of the program, the golf course partners with Robert Frost Elementary School to teach children about the environment .

With the park district’s approval, the golf course may look to increase it s acreage and expand into the nature trail. The golf course looks to add educational programs for the community. In addition to the golf course, the park district has created an eco-committee to increase recycling efforts.

For residents looking to learn more about the cer tification, the Mount Prospect G olf Club has printed information about Audubon International on its bulletin board and scorecard. They may also visit the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses, which is available on the Audubon International web site at

The Mount Prospect Park District is a member of the Mount Prospect Chamber of Commerce. For more information about the Mount Prospect Chamber of Commerce or any of its members , call ( 847) 398-6616 or visit .

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