Smallbiz Brain Presents America’s Best Companies

Posted by Janelle on Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Host David Wolf of “Smallbiz Brain” features America’s Best Companies in a podcast today where he learns more about the organization’s vision and efforts to help small businesses grow from ABC President Jim Tracy.

The host profiles in depth conversation with big thinkers in the small business industry. David digs deep with his guests to uncover their startup story and find out how their small business functions. In this interview, Jim goes over the development and future plans of ABC. He gives a wonderful look at the organization and its goals to support local businesses.

“That is quite extraordinary the growth that [ABC] have experienced as you mentioned without even trying in the early stages,” David said.

Reaching more than 7,000 listeners worldwide, the Smallbiz America Network puts together elements from AM radio distribution and the internet to provide an outlet for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Discover more information about America’s Best Companies on “The Smallbiz Brain”

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Janelle Mascarenas is ABC's Public Relations Coordinator. Janelle coordinates and implements public relations and creates ABC brand awareness. Prior to joining ABC, she worked for Newsradio 780 AM as an Assistant Producer. Contact Janelle or call her at 877.885.2378 ext. 221.

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