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Posted by Janelle on Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Did you get influential tips from a business expert shorter than your coffee break today? Gathering more information about running or starting your business never really hurts anyone.


Startup Bizcast posts advice from America’s Best Companies (ABC) in a podcast today. Host Steve Mullen talks with Jim Tracy, president and founder of ABC, about five strategies for small business owners to succeed. In weekly podcasts, the Startup BizCast program provides small business owners advice usually in 15 minutes or less. Steve Mullen, president of EndGame Public Relations firm and host of Startup BizCast, interviews experts about news, advice, and information for small businesses.


In this podcast, Jim focuses on five tips helping small business owners to achieve more exposure and connection with customers. He looks at the importance of staying updated with technology, being connected with the community and much more.


“Within a community, there is nothing more important for a small business owner than to be known by that community,” Jim said.


Discover the five strategies a business need to succeed today from Jim of America’s Best Companies.


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Janelle Mascarenas is ABC's Public Relations Coordinator. Janelle coordinates and implements public relations and creates ABC brand awareness. Prior to joining ABC, she worked for Newsradio 780 AM as an Assistant Producer. Contact Janelle or call her at 877.885.2378 ext. 221.

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