ABC Guests on Chicago’s Business Matters Radio Program

Posted by Janelle on Monday, January 5, 2009

Radio host Thomas White of the program Business Matters sits down with Jim Tracy, president and founder of ABC, and discusses important issues for small business owner’s heading into the New Year.


On the community radio station 87.7 FM WLUW, Business Matters reaches to about 30,000 listeners a week. Missed episodes are archived on the Business Matters website. This weekly show is presented by Profoundly Simple, a company devoted to supporting strong leaders in forming successful and established organizations, and provides listeners an inside look on how businesses influence our world.


In the four part series “Year Ahead,” Jim closes the episode with useful advice on how a small business owner can prepare for 2009. The ABC president reviews the past year and emphasizes the importance of adapting and reacting, especially in these financially challenging times.


“The business owners that recognize the problems and attack, instead of wait around,” Jim said. “They often thrive during these conditions”


Host Thomas White dives into deep discussions with guests about the decisions and actions of their organizations and their impact. The interview with Jim reveals tips for local business owners setting goals for the year ahead as well as the opportunities for small businesses during this economic downturn.


“I was really impressed when I first met Jim because his focuses on how to support small businesses and being successful in times of great change, how to support small businesses in being powerful, how to support small businesses in having a voice at the table,” Thomas said.


You can go ahead and listen to the interview here: "Year Ahead"


Jim is featured as the final piece in the four part series. Be sure to visit Business Matters and learn more about host Thomas White.

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Janelle Mascarenas is ABC's Public Relations Coordinator. Janelle coordinates and implements public relations and creates ABC brand awareness. Prior to joining ABC, she worked for Newsradio 780 AM as an Assistant Producer. Contact Janelle or call her at 877.885.2378 ext. 221.

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