The Mind Your Bizness Show Features America’s Best Companies

Posted by Janelle on Monday, January 12, 2009

The online radio program The Mind Your Bizness Show broadcasted Sunday the interview with President Jim Tracy about simple ideas to help small businesses increase their funds. Host Danielle Hampson strives to help small business owners and entrepreneurs gain knowledge from her influential guest. Asking insightful questions, she presents intriguing and educational conversations with great flow and ease.


This segment goes step-by-step about “10 Simple Strategies to Make More Money” as well as discovering the mission and goals of America’s Best Companies. Danielle carefully analyzes each tip and breaks down the information with Jim.


“It is nice to see that [ABC] definitely gets it,” Danielle said.

The host also praises the articles and materials found in America’s Best, the official bi-monthly publication of ABC.


“Very nice magazine, very good quality paper as well…from a color standpoint, from a layout standpoint, from a quality paper, the articles are superb in there,” Danielle said. “The magazine is very content driven, and to me, that is the most attractive thing.”


In addition of being producer and host of The Mind Your Bizness Show, Danielle holds a wide range of responsibilities from inspirational author of Trilogy of Networking to founder and president of a business networking organization called The Art of Networking (T.A.N). Working in International Business most of her life, she understands the trials and tribulations entrepreneurs and small business owners confront when trying to establish and grow their business. This experience gives Danielle the constant drive to help others to expand their business.


The WNB Network focuses on programs with entertaining and educational content. This media network and broadcasters does not look at the negative aspects in business and life, but the optimistic side. Giving its audience the necessary support and resource to reach their goals, the online Radio and TV Network also offers aspiring hosts to launch their own program.  


Listen to strategies in growing your small business and find out more information about ABC throughout this week on Mind Your Bizness with Danielle Hampson by clicking HERE.

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Janelle Mascarenas is ABC's Public Relations Coordinator. Janelle coordinates and implements public relations and creates ABC brand awareness. Prior to joining ABC, she worked for Newsradio 780 AM as an Assistant Producer. Contact Janelle or call her at 877.885.2378 ext. 221.

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