ABC Appears on E3C: The Passionate Entrepreneur

Posted by Janelle on Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why do small businesses fail? Find out the answers from President Jim Tracy of ABC Friday on BlogTalkRadio’s program “E3C: The Passionate Entrepreneur” with Host Kenneth Brown.


In addition of being a host on BlogTalkRadio, Ken is also the CEO of E3 Capital Resources, LLC (E3C), a profit and business development company. This Sales & Profit Evangelist as well as Chief Profitability Officer for growth-oriented businesses has a great commitment to individuals following goals of becoming a business owner or entrepreneur.


The BlogTalkRadio Network provides a variety of Internet talk radio shows where over hundreds of thousands of listeners tune in daily. Ken educates and inspires his audience with pertinent questions and information from his guests. This show focuses on the practices and principles for entrepreneurs and small business owners to operate more successfully. According to the host, E3C stands for Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, Evolution, Connect, Collaborate and Create Opportunities for all entrepreneurs.

In this episode, Jim goes over a plethora of strategies to help small business owners grow their business during the slow economic times to how the government should address small business issues. The host valued all the information Jim had to offer throughout this segment.  

“You’re a wealth of information, Jim,” Ken said.

Don’t miss your opportunity to catch the full production of “E3C: The Passionate Entrepreneur” today on BlogTalkRadio.

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Janelle Mascarenas is ABC's Public Relations Coordinator. Janelle coordinates and implements public relations and creates ABC brand awareness. Prior to joining ABC, she worked for Newsradio 780 AM as an Assistant Producer. Contact Janelle or call her at 877.885.2378 ext. 221.

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