Joining A Chamber is Good for Business

Posted by Mount Prospect Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The best places to work tend to belong to their local chamber of commerce, according to a recent study by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE). Of Fortune magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For" in the United States and Canada this year, 94 are members of their local chamber, including all of the top 24. Separately, ACCE found that in a random sample of 100 companies in the Fortune 1000, at least 75 were members of their local chamber. "This 'Best Companies to Work For' information is one more indication that the best companies tend to be chamber members," according to Mount Prospect Chamber Executive Director Jim Uszler. "If a company cares about its employees, there's a good chance it also cares about its community and the chamber is the way that great employers invest in both." Local chambers of commerce are associations of businesses that come together to improve the local economic climate and help members network and find new business. Strong employers link with and learn from like-minded peer companies through business-led civic organizations - chambers of commerce. 

Consumers seem to expect chamber members to be better-than-average companies. A study by the Atlanta-based Schapiro Group last August found that consumers are 63 percent more likely to buy products from companies that they believe are chamber members. Brian Hamm, investment representative at Edward Jones, which placed No. 4 on the "Best Places to Work For" list, said, "I find in my experience that the single most effective voice on issues is the chamber. Because of that, we want to be involved. Whether it is healthcare, performing arts, public schools or universities, people most interested in the community are members of the local chamber." His company is active in the local, state, and U.S. Chamber. 

The national organization plans to probe further into which kinds of companies join their local chamber and which ones don't. "We are not surprised that many of the best companies join chambers of commerce," said Jim Uszler "And, I believe when more people are aware of this, we're going to see still more firms joining their local chamber."

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