Mt. Prospect Students Sharpen Job Interview Skills

Posted by Mount Prospect Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Business Community Helps ITT Tech

Mt. Prospect would like to express sincere thanks to those employers who recently took time out of their busy schedules to conduct mock employment interviews with students, offering students the opportunity to practice their presentation skills and to familiarize themselves with questions and scenarios they will encounter as they seek professional employment. Career Services Director Anne Marie Gibbs comments: “Our deepest appreciation goes out to Mark Thoms from Technisource; Nancy Prichard from the Mt. Prospect Public Library; and Jon Kull from Analysts in Motion.  Mock Interview Day was a huge success at ITT Tech-Mt. Prospect.  Our employers were very impressed with our candidates’ enthusiasm.  Our students were well dressed and prepared!  Through these interview sessions, our students gained experience that will be essential for their success in the job market.  The mock interview process provides students with a safe way to learn what they will encounter in a real interview and to gain feedback that will help them improve their skills.”

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