Service Industries Contract—When Will Consumers Start Spending?

Posted by Charles M Cooper on Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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Government, Politics and the Economy

When Will Consumer Spending Begin Again?

Economists say they see signs of an economic recovery, but given the weak job market and high debt levels, they don't see consumers opening their wallets again anytime soon.

US Service Industries Contracted Faster Than Expected in July

In another sign that the recovery will be a slow one, US service industries unexpectedly contracted at a faster pace in July as unemployment continued to rise.

Management and Operations

Emotional Intelligence and Competitive Advantage
Methodical skills are all very important, but they won't save your company if your employees lack emotional intelligence. Here are some ideas on helping them develop it.

Whatever Happened to Customer Service?

Especially in today's recession, there are a lot of explanations for why customer service is so bad, but it ultimately comes down to three things and the first is health insurance.

Lessons From the Fallen

As an entrepreneur, learning from mistakes is a necessity. Of course, nobody says they have to be your mistakes and the recession is providing many mistakes from which to learn; and with it currently costing some $3 trillion, somebody should be getting something out of this.

Legal Issues

Hoop Dreams: Is the ADA a Road to the NBA?
Can a 59-year-old lawyer make it to the NBA? Maybe! Using the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and some recent cases involving accommodations for disabled workers as a basis, Attorney Alan Rupe thinks he has it all mapped out.

Taxes and Financial Issues

7 Ways to Lower Your Business Cellphone Bills

You live or die by your cellphone. It keeps you in touch with your office, your clients, your email—without it you would be lost. Here are seven ways to save money lasso cellphone savings for your small business.

Technology Issues

Windows' Blue Screen of Death Being Used in New Scareware Scam

Hackers are now using that infamous icon of the Windows operating system, the Blue Screen of Death, to trick computer users into downloading fake security software. Don't fall for it!

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

Flexible Hours for Nonexempt Workers
Traditionally, flexible work arrangements have been a perk of exempt, salaried employees, but these days more companies are using them for their nonexempt, hourly workers as well.

Gibbs: Healthcare Opponents `Manufacturing' Outrage

Reacting to the opposition, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs accused a group opposing President Obama’s healthcare overhaul of “manufacturing” outrage.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

B2B Email Marketing: Finding the Right Email Frequency
Are you sending too much too fast, or not enough and not frequently enough? Somewhere between these two extremes is the sweet-spot of email frequency, where its just right. Here are two ways to think about email cadence.

Social Media Marketing: Building a Community
Learn how four brands developed their online communities, giving visitors a reason to engage and do more.

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Charles M Cooper

Charles Cooper is the Web Editor for America’s Best Companies. He came to ABC with nearly twenty years of business and technology writing and editorial experience. In addition to ABC, Charles has been tapped to be a freelance business writer with the upcoming American edition of The China Daily, has served as a writer for and and as senior editor for Gear Technology magazine. Contact Charles.

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